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Customer Profile

Industry: Automotive (OEM) | Headquarters: Japan | Employees: 370,000

Japanese multinational automotive OEM is the largest automobile manufacturer in the world, producing about 10 million vehicles per year.


An automotive OEM was unable to monitor the volume of glue dispensed on windshields before installation because the inspection system provided by the dispenser manufacturer was not sensitive enough to detect variations causing gaps and insufficient or excessive glue disbursement.


The Eigen team designed a vision solution that features a thermal camera mounted on the glue dispenser arm. Operators have access to real-time monitoring and receive alerts on an interactive monitor installed at the process.

Using its OneView software, the team designed an inspection algorithm to automatically identify broken or thin /excess beads.

Cameras: FLIR A65


Live Inspection Images of Glue Dispense

Real-Time Operator Alerts

100% Traceability

Centralized AI Model Management

In-Factory HMI
Cloud Application