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Industrial Machine Vision Without Limits

Find and Address Hidden Defects When They Occur

We help manufacturing teams use integrated machine vision solutions to inspect 100% of their products inline. No more destructive testing. Complete traceability. The power to prevent defects before they occur again.

See how one manufacturer is using OneView to transform their production.


Quality Inspection Solutions

  • Inspect products without damage.
  • Use heat indicators to see defects that humans cannot.
  • Inspect multiple angles / perspectives with ease.
  • Trigger closed-loop control and automation.
  • Access real-time quality feedback and process trends.

Why is it so difficult to scale prevent defects in manage deploy integrate use add cameras to traditional vision systems?

Deploying across machines, lines and factories is a nightmare

Not designed to integrate with PLCs, MES, QMS, etc.

Difficult to use and requires complex programming

No process data means limited defect understanding


Machine Vision Software for Every Factory.
  • 100% In-Line Inspection
  • Connects to PLCs
  • Inspect Multiple Defect Types at Once
  • Highly Repeatable across Machines, Lines and Factories
  • Non-Destructive & Touchless Thermal Inspection
  • No integration or Coding Expertise Required

We save over $1M per year by preventing issues that we could not see before in our process.

Production SupervisorGlobal Pulp & Paper Manufacturer

This is definitely the most advanced machine vision tool we've seen.

Digital Manufacturing ManagerGlobal Nuclear Manufacturer

In a snapshot or in a 5 second window, I can see where my process is running over 8, 12, 24 hours and see if there is any process shift. This is going to change our daily work.

Engineering ManagerGlobal Plastics Manufacturer

I would like to add that working with Eigen was incredibly beneficial for us in helping advancing the quality of our product. If it wasn't for the insight provided by Eigen, we would not have been able to have such a strong increase in the robustness of our solder joints. Our warranty issue that drove us to ask for your assistance is largely behind us and it's due to the work and data that Eigen provided.

Engineering ManagerTier 1 Automotive

Eigen's technologies are disruptive, to say the least. They've solved one of the most difficult challenges plaguing the machine vision industry: scalability. Scaling these efforts into production can be incredibly difficult; Eigen has greatly simplified the process.

Executive, Industrial ManufacturingAmazon Web Services (AWS)

Key Capabilities

Comprehensive Digital Part Records

Digital Part Records in your Factory and in the Cloud

Comprehensive Traceability

End-to-end traceability, ensuring every component's journey from raw material to final product is meticulously recorded and easily accessible.

End-to-End Visibility

Review historical product data. Get defect and anomaly alerts, review flagged parts and automate corrections in real-time.

Images are Just the Beginning

Harness process data analytics to provide a clear view into each step of the production process, allowing for a precise understanding of every event and action that shaped the product's journey from inception to completion.
Intelligent CAD Comparison

Verify Assembly and Part Presence within Minutes

Start in Minutes, not Weeks

Includes cameras and an industrial gateway with pre-installed software to guide the user through configuration setup within minutes.

Real-Time Visibility

Operators are alerted when non-conformities are detected, and an optional 3D interactive digital twin asset is available to assist in confirming the defect.

Easy to Use

No integrator or machine learning expertise required. Immediate to deploy, fully mobile, and application-agnostic.
Gain a New Level of Process Knowledge

Process Analytics for Optimization & Root Cause Analysis

See Your Processes Like Never Before

Access meaningful analytics for production including process and quality insights, such as:
- Production trends
- Defect reports
- Causal reports

Defect Prevention

Understand process and product variability and uncover process improvement opportunities to prevent future defects.


Share learnings and collaborate across teams and regions.

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Our Partners

Eigen Innovations works closely with some of the world’s largest technology organizations.



Paper and Packaging

Real-time detection of coating build-up means prevention of streaks and equipment damage.


With a virtual view of each part, you can prevent “unseen” issues that lead to quality problems.


Seeing quality problems faster means solving them sooner, before them become critical issues.

Built for Scale

Our platform is designed to help manufacturers deploy computer vision across cells, lines and factories.

Easy Interface

Our platform is designed to be self-service for quality engineers, process engineers and other industrial personas.

Many Capabilities

Regardless of where you are in your computer vision journey, we have designed a platform that can help you, from the earliest stages to the most mature implementations.

By Industry, For Industry

Eigen was founded, and the tools were built, by people who come from industry. With decades of experience in automotive, process, CPG and other industries, we understand your challenges.

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