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Industrial Manufacturing

Seeing quality problems faster means solving them sooner.

We’ve always had a vision for industrial manufacturing vision systems that go beyond inspection. Inspection identifies defective parts or products, but it doesn’t immediately allow operators and engineers to determine what happened in the process to cause the issue.

Without an inline view of the parts you’re making correlated to key process indicators, you can’t ensure that persistent, unseen quality issues won’t creep back into your manufacturing.

Eigen is helping manufacturers get one step closer to making zero-defect a reality – allowing them to reduce costs, minimize risk and massively reduce waste in their facilities.

Why Eigen?

There are many providers of vision systems, but there is only one Eigen.
Built for Scale

Our platform is designed to help manufacturers deploy computer vision across cells, lines and factories.

Easy Interface

Our platform is designed to be self-service for quality engineers, process engineers and other industrial personas.

Many Capabilities

Regardless of where you are in your computer vision journey, we have designed a platform that can help you, from the earliest stages to the most mature implementations.

By Industry, For Industry

Eigen was founded, and the tools were built, by people who come from industry. With decades of experience in automotive, process, CPG and other industries, we understand your challenges.

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