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About Eigen Innovations

With its rapid growth and implementation over the past few years, AI and machine learning (ML) have moved from future thinking to current reality. Recent surveys of global CIOs indicate that the majority are either currently implementing AI/ML initiatives. When

one considers the number of industries currently implementing AI/ML solutions, it’s clear they are at the heart of another industrial revolution.

Founded in 2012, Eigen Innovations was born from the belief that Industry 4.0 is more than a buzz term and that AI/ML would increasingly become a reality as industrial manufacturers push to constantly raise the bar in terms of quality.

As technologies that drive smarter manufacturing rapidly evolve, Eigen continues to build momentum with customers that employ complex manufacturing processes. With that complexity come challenging problems – the most difficult being those that can’t be seen.

While we are rooted in tech, we firmly believe in the human element of AI and focus on connecting those at every point in the manufacturing process to ensure Operational excellence and Quality standards are aligned. And, as customers introduce our solution, they are gaining insights and amass data allows them to move from true monitoring and detection of defects to real-time triggering of process actions that eliminate bad parts or products leaving their factories.

While other vision solutions offer simple defect monitoring and detection, our AI-enabled machine vision platform stands out as it provides a view “inside” parts and processes. Using the latest in imaging technology, data analytics and connectivity that operates seamlessly with current machinery, we allow our customers to more clearly define and prevent quality issues.

Founded in 2012, Eigen Innovations Inc. is a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation, based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The company was founded out of the Intelligent Controls and Advanced Manufacturing lab at the University of New Brunswick by Scott Everett, MSc (CEO), and Dr. Rickey Dubay (UNB Professor).


Company founded by Scott Everett and Dr. Rickey Dubay


Eigen selected for Propel ICT accelerator program


Eigen forms strategic partnership with FLIR for key thermal image hardware


Eigen clinches 3rd place in Global Innovation Challenge at Cisco IoT World Forum


Eigen featured at International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago


Eigen successfully completes Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) program for massively scalable, seed-stage science- and technology-based companies


Eigen’s Scale AI supercluster among 5 selected by Canadian gov’t for innovation funding


Greg Picot assumes role of President, Erin Barrett named Chief Revenue Officer


Scott MacFadyen hired as Director of Marketing


James Finch hired as Director of Customer Success


Eigen joins Intel’s Partner Alliance 

Our machine vision platform is highly adaptable and can provide defect detection and prevention across a number of critical manufacturing applications. Each time we solve a complex manufacturing problem, we learn more. These learnings translate into value for our customers as we can adapt to changes in their manufacturing process. And for new customers, it means deploying solutions faster and delivering results sooner.