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Simplify, Accelerate and Scale Production-Grade Industrial Machine Learning

Eigen Image Twin

By eliminating undesired image variations across lines and plants caused by background and perspective differences in single and multi-camera systems, it can significantly simplify model development while maintaining performance and unlock the potential to scale the same model to other machines with as little as zero new data.

Visual Inspection Like Never Before

Eigen Product Twin

Product Twin enabled automated inspection through the use of computer vision, helping operators and quality engineers quickly locate defects that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Product Twin includes cameras and an industrial gateway with pre-installed software to guide the user through configuration setup within minutes.

Industrial Vision Made Easy

Eigen Vision Twin

Create a digital blueprint of your vision system and implement it across multiple lines and even sites!

Vision Twin is a camera positioning planner for discrete manufacturing inspection. By only using regions of interest specified in CAD and camera make and model, Vision Twin automatically simulates optimal solutions for camera positioning that allows for maximum coverage.

Streamline Vision Implementations

Eigen Studio

Eigen Studio is an end-to-end vision system management software for industrial manufacturing.

From vision system setup to deploying quality inspection algorithms to insight generation that drives improvement, Eigen Studio helps to streamline the entire process to unlock the smart factory potential in Industry 4.0.

Simplifying Connections to Cameras, PLCs and Cloud Services

Eigen Smart Module

Eigen Smart Module is a reliable and proven industrial edge software that provides connections to cameras, PLCs and Cloud services.

This enables easy edge deployment and processing of quality inspection algorithms, which require frequent communications with cameras and PLCs.