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Help Your Customers Achieve Automated In-Line Quality Control

Together, we can elevate your customers’ manufacturing processes with our state-of-the-art machine vision solutions. Our AI-powered quality inspection platform specializes in in-line thermal inspection, uncovering hidden defects and ensuring superior product quality across various industries.

We Partner With:

  • Technology Solution Providers
  • System Integrators
  • Machine Builders / OEMs
  • Consulting Firms
  • Manufacturers’ Agents
  • Hardware Suppliers
  • Research/Academic Institutions
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Why Partner with Eigen?

With over 6.5 million inspections performed every year, we invite you to help us transform the industry as we work to ensure manufacturers make the very best product, every time they make it.


Deep Expertise

We bring more than a decade of manufacturing and vision system expertise within our domains.

Enable AI & Automation

Demand is growing for innovative solutions. We're making them easier to adopt, manage and scale.

Factory Proven

Leverage our expertise and growing solutions portfolio to help solve customer problems faster.

Lead the Change

Join the network helping factory teams use vision solutions to solve problems they couldn't solve with traditional vision solutions.
(Eigen & Ampacet's LIAD software provides 100% automated inline color verification)
(Eigen, Advantech and Optris thermal inspection bundle)

Join EPN

Making integrated, standardized and centrally managed inline quality solutions a reality can be a challenge, and we know that we can’t do it alone. We’re always looking for partners that share our passion and vision to unlock the full potential of machine vision for quality inspection in manufacturing.

Our Process


Strategic Business Review

Review business objectives to identify and align on mutual goals.

Marketing & Enablement

Create and publish market-facing co-branded material. Enable internal partner and sales teams to ensure their fluency in Eigen's OneView quality software.

OneView Software Training

Learn to use OneView to configure and manage standardized inline inspection solutions

Project Collaboration

Work together to design and deploy scalable AI-enabled inline quality inspection solutions.

Our In-Line, Automated Quality Inspection Partners

Technology Partners

Cloud and computing partners

Together, we can transform quality inspections and redefine the industry.