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Inspect Every Product You Make Inline

We help manufacturers from all industries build and manage machine vision-powered inline inspection solutions. Our integrated solutions – often featuring thermal sensors – generate the data factory teams need to inspect 100% of their products inline, gain visibility to process variation, standardize and centrally manage inspections and focus resources on high-value tasks that drive higher productivity.

Whether deploying machine vision for the first time or upgrading to a more robust AI-enabled solution, manufacturers adopting our solutions are unlocking the full potential of machine vision beyond quality inspection. Our OneView software was designed to make it easy to design and implement quality inspection systems that capture quality AND process intelligence on all products.

For our customers, that means traceability on every part and the ability to anticipate issues before they occur.

Why Eigen?

There are many providers of vision systems, but there is only one Eigen.
Built for Scale

Our platform is designed to help manufacturers deploy computer vision across cells, lines and factories.

Easy Interface

Our platform is designed to be self-service for quality engineers, process engineers and other industrial personas.

Many Capabilities

Regardless of where you are in your computer vision journey, we have designed a platform that can help you, from the earliest stages to the most mature implementations.

By Industry, For Industry

Eigen was founded, and the tools were built, by people who come from industry. With decades of experience in automotive, process, CPG and other industries, we understand your challenges.

Our Executive Leadership Team

Erin Barrett


Erin joined Eigen’s leadership team in 2017 and has spent the last 5 years on the front lines – building relationships with customers and partners. As CEO, she’s responsible for managing and directing the company toward its vision, mission, primary goals, and objectives. She oversees the sales & marketing functions and works closely with the broader team to introduce new products to the market.

Erin has spent much of her career in senior roles with technology companies including eight years with Xplornet Communications, Canada’s leading rural high-speed Internet provider. At Xplornet, she focused on customer acquisition and sales before assuming a role in strategic business planning.

Mike Tyler

VP Software Engineering

As VP of Software Engineering, Mike leads the software engineering team and has played a pivotal role in building Eigen’s world-class tech stack and current portfolio of software solutions.

He also stewards Eigen’s product roadmap, working hand-in-hand with the Customer Solutions team to ensure our software solves our customers’ “big problems”. He also plays an active role in supporting ongoing business development efforts.

James Finch

VP Customer Solutions

James joined Eigen in 2020 after spending 10+ years working in various locations across North America in the automotive industry. He’s a highly motivated and experienced leader in manufacturing operations and quality management.

He oversees the team that works on determining the needs of our customers and integration partners. He ensures Eigen solutions deliver immediate value in factories and leads the team that helps our customers scale our technology across their organizations.

Jonathan Weiss

Chief Revenue Officer

Jon Weiss is an industrial innovation and technology executive who has worked with some of the most cutting-edge manufacturers and technology organizations around the world. He specializes in helping them reduce costs and improve their operational efficiencies by supporting the life cycle of transformational solutions while bringing resilient solutions to market.

He spent the last decade working with some of the world’s largest companies including Amazon, P&G, GE, Pfizer, PepsiCo, Intel, Amazon, HPE, Foxconn and many others seeking to undergo digital transformations in their manufacturing facilities, supply chain initiatives and enterprise applications. He has an impressive track record leading teams, from pre-sales engagements to global roll-outs, across hundreds of factories in AJP, EMEA and the Americas.

As CRO, Jon will oversee all revenue generation activities at Eigen including the Sales and Marketing functions - driving sales in Eigen’s machine vision software and engineering services. He’s also responsible for growing the strategic partner and third-party vendor channels, working closely with the Eigen product development team to develop products that can be integrated and bundled with offerings from machine vision hardware vendors, machine builders and deep learning solutions providers in manufacturing.

Joshua Pickard

Senior Director Product & Innovation

As our name implies, Eigen is about innovation - making removing limitations that allow manufacturers to realize the full potential of machine vision. When it comes to living up to our name and brand promise, Josh plays a pivotal role in making intelligent vision solutions a reality.

With a keen interest in automation and sensors, and a Ph.D. in the uncertainty analysis of mechanical systems, Josh and his team are on the leading edge of developing novel approaches and tools that support the design and deployment of scalability, standardized machine-vision powered inline inspection solutions..

From novel image enhancement to rendering techniques, Josh develops innovative approaches and solutions that unlock the full value of image data with next-level standardization across machines and applications. He works with the product team to bring those innovations to life as software and tools that enable factory production and quality teams to generate data that allows them to identify and solve complex problems faster.

Along with leading the R&D and Product teams and working collaboratively with the Customer Solutions team, Josh oversees research partnerships with academic institutions focused on computer vision, machine learning, robotics, and manufacturing.

Our Partners

Eigen Innovations works closely with some of the world’s largest technology organizations.

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