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Customer Profile

Industry: Metal Manufacturing (Stamping) | Headquarters: USA | Employees: 100+

Henderson Stamping is an international stamping supplier in a 100,000-square-foot facility. Top manufacturers – including leading home appliance brands – rely on the Henderson plant for powder coating and medium- to high-volume stampings. The company continually procures the latest computerized systems, machining and measuring equipment and robotics.


Quality teams at a metal stamping facility had to perform 3 manual inspections to catch defects on stamped metal home appliance surfaces. The reflective surface and a protective plastic film made manual inspection extremely difficult.


Eigen’s solution engineers designed a vision solution with cameras and special lighting to capture images of every part leaving the stamping machine. Image data and process data collected during the stamping process are consolidated into traceable part records by Eigen’s OneView software running in the factory.

Using this correlated data in the digital part records and OneView, the quality and production teams manage a machine-learning inspection algorithm that detects various defects through the plastic film.

Allied Vision Mako G319 (Monochrome, 3.2MP)


Multi-Defect Inspection

Surface Defect Detection Through Protective Plastic

Reduction in Returned or Rejected Products