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Customer Profile

Industry: CPG (Packaging) | Headquarters: Germany | Employees: 50,000

This 100+ year-old German manufacturer is a global leader in several industries including technologies such as adhesives, sealants and functional coatings. In fiscal 2022, it reported sales of more than 22 billion euros and adjusted operating profit of around 2.3 billion euros.  Sustainability has a long tradition and the company has a clear sustainability strategy with specific targets.


A leading manufacturer of advanced packaging solutions required a vision solution to monitor the amount of adhesive dispensed on cardboard boxes to reduce the risk of boxes opening during shipping and to generate savings by optimizing the amount of glue used for each box.


Eigen designed a vision solution featuring thermal cameras located inside the cardboard box sealing machine capturing images of adhesive immediately after it is dispensed. An additional thermal camera is installed immediately after the machine to inspect the sealed boxes.

Interactive monitors running OneView software at the sealing machines provide operators with a real-time view of inspection images and deliver alerts when issues are detected.

Quality and production team members leverage the standardized records available in the OneView online portal to conduct ongoing analysis and manage adhesive monitoring machine learning algorithms.

Cameras: Optris


Multi-Point Adhesive Inspection

Real-time Operator Alerts

Standardized Monitoring

Centralized Data Analytics & AI Model Management

In-Factory Application
Cloud Application