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Customer Overview

Industry: Manufacturing (Metal) | Headquarters: United States | Employees: 28,000

Nucor Corporation is an American producer of steel and related products based in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is the largest steel producer in the United States, the largest “mini-mill” steelmaker and the biggest recycler of scrap in North America. As of 2021, the company was the 15th-largest steel producer in the world.


Operators and Quality teams at one metal grating manufacturing facility were unable to detect weld integrity issues during production. After determining that these issues were heat-related, the company needed an inline inspection that was capable of detecting variations in heat signatures that were occurring during welding.


Eigen designed a vision solution that could generate the images and data required to deliver automated inline weld inspection.

OneView software running on an industrial PC in the factory consolidates thermal images of the grate welds and the process data from the welder to generate a standardized visual record of every weld.

The Quality team uses the standardized data and tools in OneView to manage a machine-learning algorithm that monitors for heat signatures and flags quality defects in real time.

Cameras: Optris xi400


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