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The amount of data being collected in factories around the world is staggering. The ability for factory teams to immediately use that data – to see the story it can tell them about their products and processes – remains limited. 

Since we started designing and deploying machine vision for manufacturers, we captured more than 2 billion quality metrics and are processing 600 million + images daily for our manufacturing customers.  

While these are significant numbers, the important thing is how we’re helping teams realize immediate value from this data on the factory floor. 

The Context

600 Million+ Images Images processed daily at the Edge by our machine vision solutions deployed around the globe.
>80,000 Events  Quality and process events captured daily to generate complete, traceable digital records of each part.
14,000+ Parts  Parts inspected with algorithms deployed and managed by Eigen software daily.
>1,000 Alerts Products with quality issues flagged by our software each day.
37 Million+ Quality Predictions Real-time, inline quality predictions delivered since our first deployment.

The Data You Need – When & Where You Need It

One thing that sets Eigen machine vision solutions apart is how we capture, consolidate, standardize and contextualize data. 

This starts with designing machine vision solutions with outcomes in mind. It’s about understanding what factory teams need to see, when and where they need it. Based on these needs, we help select the right cameras and hardware; create repeatable blueprints for installing and integrating hardware (cameras, HMIs and Edge processors); standardize and correlate critical quality and process data, and simplify machine learning model building and management.

Just Getting Started

While we’re proud of these numbers, they remind us that we’re just getting started. 

We’re built to scale meaning our software platform has no data capture or processing capacity limitations. So whether you’re looking for a solution for one machine or to standardize the outputs and centrally control machine vision and machine learning across all your machines and factories 24/7, we’ve got you covered.

Learn more about Eigen Studio or contact our Sales team and tell them what you need machine vision to do for you.

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