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The Eigen Innovations team has grown once again with the recent and most welcome addition of Cristian Filipczak.

Joining the front office team as an Application Engineer with a truckload of first-hand factory experience, Cristian will play a vital role in helping the business decide which applications to pursue as we expand the use case portfolio of our AI-enabled machine vision platform.

Over a 20-year career in the automotive manufacturing industry that’s seen him hold a variety of roles (Manufacturing Director, Process Engineering Manager, Engineering and Sales Manager, Facilities Manager, and Project Manager), Cristian has armed himself with an encyclopedia of knowledge, an impressive Rolodex, and a keen instinct for advanced manufacturing solutions.

Cristian joined the workforce as a chemical engineer and has since specialized in plastics manufacturing disciplines such as injection molding, thermoforming and plastic welding.

He and his family recently relocated to Canada from Argentina and are living just west of London, Ontario in a town called Strathroy where they just bought a house.

Cristian is looking to expand his network on LinkedIn so don’t hesitate to connect with him and drop him a line in English, Spanish or Portuguese.