Catch “unseen” defects faster with AI-enabled, real-time inspection. We can help you see better parts.


Avoid unnecessary downtime and ship more parts. We can help you see better quality.

Better vision means you can focus on what you do best: making superior parts.

Our solution detects and predicts quality defects in real-time, including those invisible to the human eye. 

By seeing better, our automotive customers are minimizing scrap, eliminating subjectivity and unnecessary inspection costs and improving OEE.

How We Help

You work hard everyday to keep your lines running smoothly. Eigen backs you up by keeping an eye on the quality of your products. By capturing and combining data from high resolution images and other process sensors, you get a look inside your process. Once you can see and pinpoint problems, we work together to train models to accurately detect them every time. 

Having sight sooner means you have control over what happens next – from sending an Operator alarm to the HMI to triggering an action in your PLC or operating system.   

The Tech

Cameras & Sensors
Thermal and Optical cameras capture high resolution process images.

Touch-screen Edge interface allows for event labeling and real-time alerts and alarms.

Eigen Smart
ModuleOn-site “black box” aggregates image data from the cameras as well as other sources such as PLCs and industrial platforms.

Eigen Platform Online
hub for applying and reviewing labels, conducting in-depth analysis and ongoing system learning.

Industrial Platform
Our solution can integrate with existing operating platforms for additional data collection and automated control.