With a virtual view of each part, you can prevent “unseen” issues that lead to quality problems.


Avoid unnecessary downtime and ship more parts. We can help you see better quality.

Isn’t it time you start using vision technology to move beyond inspection?

Our industrial software is transforming how OEMs and Tier 1s are using vision software to solve problems on the factory floor.

It’s allowing lighting manufacturers to monitor and verify the quality of plastic welds to prevent shipping leakers to their customers.

It’s helping high-volume, high-value parts manufacturers eliminate destructive testing and optimize their processes in real-time.

It’s allowing OEMs to have confidence and certainty in the quality of their assembly processes.

How It Works

Our software connects to your process by capturing images and process data from the machine PLC.

It takes the raw image data and creates a virtual image of each part.

The virtual image combined with the real-time process data gives you a traceable profile of each part.

The software then uses these profiles to introduce machine learning models that deliver real-time insights that allow for defect prevention and process optimization.

This means process and quality engineers can quickly review parts in-process and adjust process controls to prevent quality issues.

Plant managers have the confidence that they have adequate control over the variation in their process and are minimizing the associated risk of high costs of poor quality.

Factory Configuration

Cameras & Sensors

Thermal and Optical cameras capture high resolution process images.


Touch-screen Edge interface allows for event labeling and real-time alerts and alarms.

Eigen Smart Module

Powerful edge computing device that aggregates image data as well as other crtical data from PLCs and industrial platforms.

Eigen Platform Online

Online hub for monitoring, conducting in-depth analysis and ongoing system learning.

Industrial Platform

Our solution can integrate with existing operating platforms for additional data collection and automated control.


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