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As we continue to expand our customer base and evolve our machine vision platform, Eigen Innovations has partnered with Intel to optimize the performance of our machine learning models by deploying the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit.

Eigen’s machine vision platform has been purpose-built and optimized to analyze factory image and process data as it is captured. Our hybrid cloud and edge software suite creates a traceable digital profile for every factory part and component to both analyze root problems and eliminate defects altogether.

While many vision solutions provide part inspection or process monitoring, Eigen builds upon the OpenVINO toolkit to offer customers an inline view of both quality and process indicators delivering real-time, actionable insights, monitoring, and remote configuration services. Using proprietary image enhancement techniques and patented image normalization processes, our platform enables scalability by reducing the need for highly customized inspection algorithms.

Global manufacturers including Tier 1 automotive suppliers are adopting our enterprise vision software to shift the focus of their vision systems from inspection to prevention. They are relying on our platform to see and solve issues before parts and products reach the end of the production line – moving a step closer to zero-defect manufacturing.