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Smart Vision for the Smart Factory

Our software tools

Our team of experts design and implement the right vision solution for your needs as a turn-key service. We also offer our software tools to manufacturers, system integrators, and machine builders who want to take their machine vision strategy to the next level.

Smart vision for process intelligence

Eigen Engineering Services

Leveraging the Eigen software platform and industrial grade hardware, our team will develop a robust solution for your specific application. Using the latest AI technology, our experts can not only help you detect defects, but also identify their root causes, monitor and optimize your process, and scale your vision system across machines and factories around the world.

Smart vision for fast model training and deployment

Eigen Image Twin

Image Twin eliminates undesired image variations across lines and plants caused by background and perspective differences in single and multi-camera systems. This significantly simplifies and speeds up the training of machine learning models while maintaining performance. It also unlocks the potential to scale the same model to other machines with as little as zero new data.

Smart vision for turn-key vision systems

Eigen Product Twin

Product Twin is a turn-key solution designed to optimize operator inspection with inline machine vision. It includes both hardware and software out of the box to get started quickly and with low effort. Product Twin is designed to be configured and installed by any production staff, without the need of a machine vision expert or system integrator.

Smart vision scalable vision across factories

Eigen Vision Twin

Vision Twin is is a vision system design and simulator tool for discrete manufacturing inspection. With this intuitive tool, simply mark your regions of interest on your part CAD and choose your cameras in a few clicks. Vision Twin automatically simulates optimal camera positioning that allows for maximum coverage. Export this digital blueprint of your vision system to replicate it across lines and factories and eliminate variations.

Smart vision for actionable insights beyond detection

Eigen Studio

Eigen Studio is Eigen Innovation’s full software suite including all development tools and advanced process management and analytics functions. With Eigen Studio, train scalable machine learning models and deploy them across your factories, identify the root causes of detected defects to take preventive action, keep track of every inspected part for traceability, and more.

Smart vision for easy edge deployment

Eigen Smart Module

Eigen Smart Module is a reliable and proven industrial edge software that provides connections to cameras, PLCs and Cloud services. Eigen Smart Module also provides a connection between Edge and Cloud to network image and process data from multiple lines and factories, unlocking capabilities for AI development and data analysis to generate predictive insights.

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