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Finally, an Out of the Box Solution for Automated Quality Inspection

Eigen Product Twin

Product Twin is a simple, turn-key solution for manufacturers to perform automated inline quality inspection. With no integrator or machine learning expert required, Product Twin is easy to use, immediate to deploy, fully mobile, and application-agnostic.

The product includes cameras and an industrial gateway with pre-installed software to guide the user through configuration setup within minutes. Each item on the line is then assessed in real-time based on user-specified tolerance to its CAD.

The operators are alerted when non-conformities are detected, and an optional 3D interactive digital twin asset is available to assist in confirming the defect. Product Twin also offers full data analytics that provides traceability and insights for process improvement. Accelerate your productivity with Product Twin today.

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    Without Eigen Product Twin

    • Sample inspection – non-conformities are often missed
    • Human inspection – tedious, subjective, inconsistent
    • Limited traceability and difficult recall process
    • Expensive, complicated and lengthy vision system integration

    With Eigen Product Twin

    • 100% inspection, alert operators in real-time when nonconformities are detected
    • Automated inline inspection process, optional interactive 3D asset to assist operators in confirming non-conformities
    • Full traceability which simplifies recall
    • Simple and reliable solution that can be set up within minutes, application-agnostic, no expertise required

    Automate inline product quality inspection with Eigen Product Twin today.

    Why Eigen?

    There are many providers of vision systems, but there is only one Eigen.
    Built for Scale

    Our platform is designed to help manufacturers deploy computer vision across cells, lines and factories.

    Easy Interface

    Our platform is designed to be self-service for quality engineers, process engineers and other industrial personas.

    Many Capabilities

    Regardless of where you are in your computer vision journey, we have designed a platform that can help you, from the earliest stages to the most mature implementations.

    By Industry, For Industry

    Eigen was founded, and the tools were built, by people who come from industry. With decades of experience in automotive, process, CPG and other industries, we understand your challenges.