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Eigen Innovations will be exhibiting at the Automatica show in Munich on June 27-30, 2023. The AI machine vision company demonstrates two new software tools for the quick and easy implementation of machine-learning and CAD-based vision systems. Eigen experts will also give two talks at the Vision Experts Huddles forum.

Eigen Innovations, the leading provider of AI-based machine vision solutions, exhibits at the Automatica Show on June 27-30, 2023 in Munich, Germany. At booth B5/105, visitors can experience the latest developments in smart vision solutions for the smart factory. The Canadian company will showcase its latest two software products, Product Twin and Image Twin, as well as their AI-based vision system integration services. Eigen Innovations is also represented with two talks at the Vision Experts Huddles organized by VDMA, the German machinery and equipment manufacturing industry association.

Eigen Product Twin: Turn-key vision system out of the box

Eigen Product Twin is a ready-to-use vision system for in-line assembly inspection. The kit consists of machine vision cameras with their accessories such as lenses and cables and an industrial gateway with Eigen Product Twin software pre-installed.

Eigen Product Twin automatically compares the images of the part with its CAD data. If a defect such as a missing component is detected, the system alerts the staff for corrective action. It is easy to install and configure and is designed for manufacturers who want to replace manual inspection with machine vision but don’t have the time or budget for a tailored system design and integration. It can also be a valuable tool for vision system integrators to speed-up their development process, focusing on the integration part or enhancing the system with automated corrective actions.

James Finch, VP Customer Solutions of Eigen Innovation will provide insights into the CAD-based Product Twin approach during the VDMA Vision Experts Huddles on Tuesday, June 27 at 11am at the machine vision pavilion in Hall B5/Booth 110.

Eigen Image Twin: Eliminating unwanted variations form image data

Eigen Innovations also introduces Image Twin, a novel software tool that allows machine vision system designers to train and deploy machine learning models faster and easier. Image Twin eliminates unwanted variations in image data and generates standardized views that make it easier to train a robust model with less image data. This standardization also makes models scalable across multiple machines, lines, and factories.

Eigen Image Twin is the key to unlock the full potential of AI in machine vision and turning factories into smart factories. Registration for a free beta testing is open now on

Mike Tyler, VP Software Engineering at Eigen Innovations, will deliver a talk on how digital twins make deep learning models easier to train, deploy and scale across multiple instances at the VDMA Vision Experts Huddles on Friday, June 30 at 11am at the machine vision pavilion in Hall B5/Booth 110.

Technology rooted in experience
Eigen Innovations has been developing vision solutions for demanding industries such as the automotive and paper industries for more than a decade. Not finding the right tools to solve their clients’ problems, Eigen’s team  developed their own, making the most out of machine learning and cloud computing. In particular, Eigen Innovations developed advanced analytics tools that correlate machine vision data with process data to identify defect root causes.

“Our software tools have been proven in the field in customer projects. Manufacturers seeking a tailored vision and quality assurance solutions can rely on our system engineering team to create the best solution for their needs out of our technology portfolio”, said James Finch.

For visitors interested in leveraging AI for machine vision applications, the Eigen Innovations booth and presentations are the places to be during the Automatica show.


Eigen Innovations booth Vision Expert Huddle:
Out-of-the-box vision solution as easy replacement to human inspection
Vision Expert Huddle:
Making deep learning models easy to train, to deploy and to scale with digital image twins
June 27-30, 2023

Messe München

Booth B5/105

June 27, 2023 – 11am

Machine Vision Pavilion

Booth B5/110

June 30, 2023 – 11am

Machine Vision Pavilion

Booth B5/110