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Smart vision for the smart factory – Eigen Innovations’ software speeds up vision system implementation and deployment across production lines and sites. By combining image data with process data, manufacturers can now anticipate problems before they occur.

Eigen Innovations, a technology company based in Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada), will introduce a revolutionary software suite at the VISION 2022 show to be held in Stuttgart, Germany on October 4-6, 2022. The ground-breaking innovation opens a new era in industrial vision by allowing predictive machine vision. Visitors of VISION 2022 can discover the new possibilities offered by this technology in Hall 10, booth C15.

From defect inspection to defect prevention
Eigen Innovations’ powerful software allows system integrators and manufacturers to standardize and scale their machine vision solutions across different product lines and sites around the world. The paradigm shift consists in combining the collected image data with manufacturing process data to analyze correlations between drifts in product quality and changes in process parameters. As a result, vision systems are no longer limited to detecting defects and eliminating defective parts. They also provide in-depth insights on why the defects occur and what must be fixed in the manufacturing process to prevent them.

 Once patterns are identified, manufacturers can even set automated alerts when process parameters drift to take corrective actions even before defective parts are produced. This new approach to machine vision paves the way for the smart factory of the future. 

State-of-the-art technology unlocks the value of vision systems    
Eigen Innovations’ software suite leverages the latest technologies to help both vision system integrators and manufacturers mine the hidden gems of their vision and process data. CAD design tools, machine learning, big data analytics, cloud computing and vision on the edge seamlessly integrate to speed up vision system development, standardize processes, accelerate deployment of vision applications across multiple sites, and connect the dots between manufacturing process data and vision inspection data.

“Machine vision is a very powerful technology, but we at Eigen Innovations believe that it is not exploited at its full potential”, explains Scott Everett, co-founder and CEO of Eigen Innovations. “So far, vision has been mostly limited to detecting and sorting out defective parts. Our vision is that the wealth of data that a vision system provides can be correlated with other process-related data to achieve a much more profound intelligence of why and when issues occur. We want to leverage vision to not only detect defects but prevent them”.

Technology rooted in experience
Eigen Innovations has been developing vision solutions for demanding industries such as the automotive and paper industries for more than a decade. Not finding the right tools to solve their clients’ problems, Eigen’s team developed their own, making the most out of machine learning and cloud computing. The result is a set of software tools that are visionary, but also proven in the field. For the first time at VISION, Eigen Innovations will share its ground-breaking technology with the vision community and make it available for all. A must-see for any vision expert who doesn’t want to miss the next generation machine vision.

Stuttgart, Germany
October 4-6, 2022
Hall 10 – Booth C15

About Eigen Innovations
Founded in 2012, Eigen Innovations is shaping vision for the smart factory. The Canada-based company helps manufacturers from all industries reduce variation, eliminate uncertainty, and accelerate productivity with software that is standardized, scalable and flexible at the same time. To achieve that, Eigen Innovations unlocks the full potential of machine vision beyond quality inspection. The company’s technology makes it easy to design and implement vision systems that collect quality and process intelligence on all products allowing their customers to anticipate issues before they occur.