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Data is now the world’s most valuable resource. In order to maximize data collection and  gain insights into their processes, industrial manufacturers have installed vision solutions – cameras and sensors that provide insights into their operations.

But are these stand-alone visions solutions providing the full picture – actually driving real process and quality improvement? The reality is basic vision systems often provide monitoring and inspection but they do not deliver what manufacturers need most – the ability to identify and solve complex problems in real time. 

Eigen’s AI-enabled vision solution extracts and combines data and information from high resolution images to gain a comprehensive view of what’s happening. These combined data sets – coupled with data being collected from processors and machine sensors – provide the most comprehensive view of what the problem is and where it is occurring. 

Armed with this deeper vision and insights and, with ongoing feedback from operators and engineers, we define quality thresholds – applying labels to issues detected in the images to better distinguish good and bad. Once armed with sufficient label data, our team develops models that provide not only highly accurate detection, but the ability to respond in real-time – ranging from an operator alarm to triggering an action by a PLC or operating system.

And if your process changes, you won’t lose that critical vision. Ongoing data collection and user input through our edge devices and online platform allows us to continually fine-tune our models. And our team is always available to explain how the changes we make will ensure you are still seeing results. 

If your basic vision system isn’t actually helping you solve your problems, get in touch with us.

It’s time to see better.