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At Per Aarsleff A/S, Pipe Technologies, we strive to o er better value for our customers through cost reductions and stringent quality assurance at every stage of our production. As a market-leader in trench-less pipe renewal we focus on achieving this goal by continuous improvements on our in-house technologies.

In the manufacturing of cured-in-place-pipes (CIPP), airtightness is key! The CIPP-liners consist of multiple layers of woven polyester felts sewed together, where the end layer has a coated surface sealed with a plastic tape. This sealing must remain airtight both in regard to our impregnation processes and installation methods to ensure a high-end quality product for our customers.

Problem Overview

In order to ensure a uniform and standardized weld quality in our production, a thermographic quality control system was needed to reduce the necessity of visual inspection. Small irregularities in weld sizes and lateral movements in the material were challenges that needed to be solved in order to successfully implement a system into our production process.

Solution Overview

Eigen provided the solution to resolve these challenges by developing an algorithm through their Intellexon® software platform.

The software is programmed to process large amounts of data in real-time in order to provide immediate feedback to operators and ensure predetermined parameter thresholds are not exceeded.

Connecting one of FLIR’s fixed-mounted automation cameras to the platform captures up to 60 frames of high resolution digital thermal data per second, enabling a rich real-time view of exactly what is happening within the welding parameters.

The collaboration with Eigen will improve the quality of our CIPP manufacturing, reduce the need for visual quality inspection, and has given us new insights that we can use in other parts of our process.

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