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Find and Address Hidden Defects When They Occur

Capture all the data you need to automatically inspect every part you make.


  • Mitigate Warranty Claims

  • Prevent Recalls

  • Reduce Destructive Testing, Waste and Rework

  • 100% Production Inspection

Empower your team. Grow your business.


    Are you actively looking for machine vision technology?


    Quality Inspection Solutions

    • Products can be inspected without damage.
    • See heat indicators, making it easier to detect defects that humans cannot see.
    • Inspect multiple angles / perspectives with ease.
    • Closed-loop control and automation based on QC results.
    • Real-time quality feedback and process trends.

    Why Eigen?

    There are many providers of vision systems, but there is only one Eigen.
    Built for Scale

    Our platform is designed to help manufacturers deploy computer vision across cells, lines and factories.

    Easy Interface

    Our platform is designed to be self-service for quality engineers, process engineers and other industrial personas.

    Many Capabilities

    Regardless of where you are in your computer vision journey, we have designed a platform that can help you, from the earliest stages to the most mature implementations.

    By Industry, For Industry

    Eigen was founded, and the tools were built, by people who come from industry. With decades of experience in automotive, process, CPG and other industries, we understand your challenges.

    Our Partners

    Eigen Innovations works closely with some of the world’s largest technology organizations.