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Compare Production to CAD in Minutes

Multi-View Inspection Made Easy

Everything Needed to Get Started Quickly.

Starting $9,799

Includes 1 year software licensing and support.

Advantech MIC-770

The Advantech MIC-770 compact fanless computer has support for all Advantech i-Modules, FlexIO Modules and i-Doors. This PCs fanless design makes it an ideal fit for many industrial environments.

Comes with Eigen’s OneView software pre-installed.

2x LUCID Vision Labs Triton™

Industrial-grade, light weight and compact, this sensor is plug-and-play with OneView, allowing you to set up CAD-based inspection in minutes.

2x TECHSPEC® Fixed Lens

TECHSPEC® C Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses feature large maximum apertures, allowing these high performance lenses to be used in even the most restrictive lighting conditions.

Connect the Hardware

Plug and play components make it simple to get started quickly.

Configure the Application

A self-guided installation experience simplifies the process.

See the Results

Cameras begin comparing what’s produced to what is expected in CAD.

Compare Production to CAD in Minutes

Are you ready to experience OneView for production and assembly verification?

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