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We’ve been working hard to make smart vision for the smart factory a reality for more than 10 years. When we first started helping manufacturers solve big problems in their factories, we quickly realized the tools we needed to build smart solutions simply did not exist.

So as we built and deployed application-specific smart vision solutions, we also created software that allowed us to build and deploy those solutions faster. Software that allows manufacturing operations teams to manage and standardize smart vision systems across their factories. Software that generates insights and analytics that operations and quality teams leverage to prevent – not simply detect – issues.

Being included in this list of 10 coolest IoT software companies is a big deal for our team. What we’re doing is innovative. We’re introducing net-new approaches for designing, deploying and scaling machine vision solutions. Educating the market, building relationships with partners and convincing customers to trust our solutions all require a lot of time and effort. 

Being recognized in this list among companies like Microsoft and our partners at AWS tells us that our hard work is paying off. 

This may be our first top 10 list but it certainly won’t be our last!

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