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Injection Molding

A Tier 1 automotive parts manufacturer was having difficulty “seeing” critical surface defects during the molding process resulting in rejected parts from their customers. 

Before – Operator Visual Inspection

  • Operators inspecting parts after the molding process could not see quality issues such as short shots, splay and read-through defects.
  • Additional time was required  to move the parts to another  area with better lighting to attempt to confirm the defects.
  • These inspections were highly subjective, varying from one operator to another.
Visual Inspection

After – Eigen Visual Inspection

  • FLIR thermal and optical cameras were installed at the molding station.
  • A lighting display was installed to overcome the visibility issues making the surface defects “pop” in the captured images. 
  • Eigen edge devices collected image and process data.
  • Using the high resolution image and process data, Eigen’s machine learning specialists designed and deployed models to provide superier inspection – detecting all three defects in real time.