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Customer Profile

Industry: Manufacturing (Automotive) | Headquarters: France | Employees: 31,000

This automotive parts supplier specializes in the manufacturing and commercialization of plastics. The company provides external plastic elements (thermoplastic and composite) for cars, like bumpers and energy absorption systems, fender and front-end modules and also manufactures plastic fuel tank systems and SCR tank systems.


To ensure the welds on its plastic tanks were meeting strict quality standards, the manufacturer was forced to rely on sample destructive testing. It wanted a standardized weld inspection solution that could deliver inline inspections to reduce scrap and greatly reduce the risk of shipping defective tanks.


Eigen designed a vision solution that captures all the data the team needs to inspect the quality of every weld.

Thermal cameras and process data from the welder are fed to an industrial processor running Eigen’s OneView software. The software consolidates all the captured data and generates a standardized digital record required to inspect the weld.

The digital records are uploaded to the OneView online portal where teams can analyze the data and generate machine learning models to deliver the automated weld inspections.

Cameras: FLIR


100% Inspection & Traceability

Reduction or Elimination of Destructive Testing

Faster Root Cause Analysis

Singular Machine Learning Model Managed Across Welders & Factories

In-Factory HMI
Cloud Application