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Smart Vision for the Smart Factory

The Eigen Difference

Eigen Innovations is shaping vision for the smart factory. We help manufacturers from all industries reduce variation, eliminate uncertainty, and accelerate productivity with standardized, scalable, and flexible software. 

In a nutshell, we help manufacturers unlock the full potential of machine vision beyond quality inspection. Our software and solutions make it easy to design and implement vision systems that collect quality AND process intelligence on all products. 

For our customers, that means traceability on every part and the ability to anticipate issues before they occur. 

From defect inspection to defect prevention.

The smart factory is the connected factory. Our vision systems are standardized across manufacturing lines and sites. They are interconnected facilitating collaboration and learning across machines and lines where data is being collected.

Our vision solutions use machine learning to constantly optimize performance, unlocking the full potential of machine vision.


Our software suite leverages the latest technologies to help integrators and manufacturers mine the hidden insights inside their vision and process data. 

Our software includes CAD design tools, machine learning, big data analytics, cloud computing, and vision at the edge. 

Integrators and manufacturers use our software tools to accelerate solution design, standardize vison deployments, accelerate the value of those deployments across multiple sites and connect the dots between manufacturing process data and vision inspection data.

What makes our vision solutions unique is the automated correlation of collected image data to manufacturing process data. 

Merging these two powerful data streams allows teams to connect the dots between drifts in product quality and changes in process parameters. 

As a result, vision systems are no longer limited to detecting defects and eliminating defective parts. They also provide in-depth insights on why the defects occur and what must be fixed in the manufacturing process to prevent them.

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Who We Are

Executive Leadership Team

Scott Everett – Founder & Executive Chair

Scott has dedicated his entire career to consulting in engineering and quality control applications. While in university, Scott developed a strong belief that modern technology could solve some of manufacturing’s most complex, unseen problems. 

He co-founded Eigen Innovations in 2012. Along with sharing his visionary ideas with the R&D and product development teams, Scott focuses on representing the shareholders, building a great board, and ensuring that Eigen has best-in-class governance at the board level. 


Erin Barrett – CEO

Erin joined Eigen’s leadership team in 2017 and has spent the last 5 years on the front lines – building relationships with customers and partners. As CEO, she’s responsible for managing and directing the company toward its vision, mission, primary goals, and objectives.  She oversees the sales & marketing functions and works closely with the broader team to introduce new products to the market.

Erin has spent much of her career in senior roles with technology companies including eight years with Xplornet Communications, Canada’s leading rural high-speed Internet provider. At Xplornet, she focused on customer acquisition and sales before assuming a role in strategic business planning. 


Mike Tyler – VP Software Engineering

As VP of Software Engineering, Mike leads the software engineering team and has played a pivotal role in building Eigen’s world-class tech stack and current portfolio of software solutions. 

He also stewards Eigen’s product roadmap, working hand-in-hand with the Customer Solutions team to ensure our software solves our customers’ “big problems”. He also plays an active role in supporting ongoing business development efforts.


Kyle Gillis – VP Finance

Along with taking care of Eigen’s finances and corporate governance, Kyle oversees various operational responsibilities including strategic partner acquisition, IP management, supply chain management, and HR.

He has over 10 years of strategic financial experience within large corporations, startups, and boards across the technology, marine, transportation, and news media industries. 



James Finch - VP Customer Solutions

James joined Eigen in 2020 after spending 10+ years working in various locations across North America in the automotive industry. He’s a highly motivated and experienced leader in manufacturing operations and quality management. 

He oversees the team that works on determining the needs of our customers and integration partners. He ensures Eigen solutions deliver immediate value in factories and leads the team that helps our customers scale our technology across their organizations.  


Our vision software helps manufacturers reduce variability, eliminate uncertainty, and accelerate productivity.








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