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The Eigen Difference

Eigen Innovations specializes in helping manufacturers realize “zero defects” by giving them real-time certainty about the quality of their products and their manufacturing process.

Eigen’s industrial software platform is designed to enhance the power of image data by correlating it with machine/process data. By doing this, manufacturers not only detect quality issues in real-time but they’re also equipped to prevent them from ever occurring.

Over the past 8 years, our team has focused on developing new standards for extracting insights from raw vision data. Our software is well-suited for a wide variety of industrial sectors where high-volume, high-value parts are produced or where conventional vision solutions are unable to help prevent complex quality issues.

Providing an inline view to the variation in your process that can cause quality issues.

Our AI-enabled industrial vision software is your eyes and ears inside your process. It allows our customers to see variation in their processes and correlate that variation to part quality issues. With this view, they can adjust process controls – adopting their processes to prevent issues from ever occurring.


Our software platform integrates with camera sensors and PLCs.

Our proprietary image processing and data extraction techniques have served as the foundation of our industrial software. The software is designed specifically for high-volume, highly complex production lines and delivers real-time insights and in-process analytics to allow for enterprise-wide traceability, visibility, and compliance.


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Our enterprise software combines the power of AI with image and process data to empower operators to adapt processes in real-time and minimize the risk of producing bad parts.



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