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The Eigen Difference

Eigen was born from the vision of using technology to solve complex manufacturing problems. The key to achieving our vision was to provide our customers with enhanced vision – with an ability to see inside their products and processes and to use the knowledge gained to make some of their biggest challenges a thing of the past.

Eigen’s AI-enabled vision solution goes beyond basic monitoring and detection. Our team extracts and combines data from high resolution images to create data sets. These sets combined with additional process data and inputs from operators and engineers, allow us to help manufacturers to see and solve many of their most challenging quality problems.

Providing a superior view to some of the most challenging manfacturing problems means finding solutions faster.

We believe that seeing is believing. Our proven AI-enabled vision solution can solve those persistent quality problems, delivering exceptional value and more control than basic vision solutions. 


Eigen uses advanced vision technology to solve complex manufacturing problems.

Truly seeing these problems means seeing the full picture. From initial engagement and trials through to ongoing model building and fine-tuning, our team works closely with your’s to ensure collaboration, input and transparency. Our solutions are created and delivered through hardware and software so strive to provide you with as much context as possible so that  you have confidence in the decisions made and actions taken through our machine learning models.

We understand that each factory is a unique environment. We assess your needs and work closely with your team to ensure our solution becomes an extension of your process.


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Our scalable solution combines the power of AI, high resolution image data and “boots on the ground” operator knowledge.


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