Our Mission is to Inspire Innovation on the Factory Floor.

The Global Industrial Manufacturing market is in the midst of understanding what Industry 4.0 means to them.

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and the ability to manage large amounts of data, true innovation on the factory floor now seems possible.

Eigen’s sole mission is to enable our customers to make this opportunity a reality today.

Our team of solutions architects, engineers, data scientists and developers have thousands of hours of experience on the factory floor. This investment has helped us understand the complexities of the manufacturing process. It has also helped us deliver on a value proposition that makes sense for our customers.

Our solution combines the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning with “boots on the ground” operator knowledge to deliver on process optimization that once seemed impossible.

The value we are providing our customers isn’t just a new technology or a consulting service. It’s a new way of operating. We enable companies who have a desire to make factories of the future a reality today.