Paper & Packaging

Real-time detection of coating build-up means prevention of streaks and equipment damage.

The only way to avoid downtime and prevent machine damage in specialty paper manufacturing is by introducing a set of eyes that operate at the same speed as your process.

Our software is delivering the one-two punch – detecting streaks and providing early indicators for pressure build-up on calendars.

Did you know?

It only takes 7-10 seconds for coating to build-up on a calender roll and damage the surface. Damaged roll covers cost up to $100,000 per event in unplanned downtime, repairs, and lost production.

The Tech

Cameras & Sensors
Thermal and Optical cameras capture high resolution process images.

Touch-screen Edge interface allows for event labeling and real-time alerts and alarms.

Eigen Smart
ModuleOn-site “black box” aggregates image data from the cameras as well as other sources such as PLCs and industrial platforms.

Eigen Platform Online
hub for applying and reviewing labels, conducting in-depth analysis and ongoing system learning.

Industrial Platform
Our solution can integrate with existing operating platforms for additional data collection and automated control.


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