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We’ve always had a vision for industrial manufacturing vision systems that go beyond inspection. Inspection identifies defective parts or products, but it doesn’t immediately allow operators and engineers to determine what happened in the process to cause the issue.

Without an inline view of the parts you’re making correlated to key process indicators, you can’t ensure that persistent, unseen quality issues won’t creep back into your manufacturing.

Eigen is helping manufacturers get one step closer to making zero-defect a reality – allowing them to reduce costs, minimize risk and massively reduce waste in their facilities.

The Eigen Advantage

  • Virtual images with correlated process data on every part
  • Real-time insights delivered through our software allowing manufacturers to adjust process controls to prevent issues

Our Platform

Cameras & Sensors
Thermal and Optical cameras capture high resolution process images.

Touch-screen Edge interface allows for event labeling and real-time alerts and alarms.

Edge Processors
On-site “black box” aggregates image data from the cameras as well as other sources such as PLCs and industrial platforms.

Eigen Online Software
Hub for accessing in-depth analytics and insights across all connected lines, machines, and factories.

Industrial Platform
Our solution can integrate with existing operating platforms for additional data collection and automated control.

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