Eigen Innovations returns from Cisco IoT World Forum with 3rd Place Win

For the 3rd year, Cisco has hosted the Internet of Things World Forum, one of the world’s première events focused on IoT innovation and thought leadership. The exclusive event attracts a who’s who of industry leaders from all over the world.  This year’s event included the Innovation Grand Challenge, a global competition for companies building innovative and disruptive technologies on the IoT.‎ Starting in June, the event attracted over 3000 companies from over 100 countries, with a series of elimination rounds leading to 6 finalists in November.‎  Eigen Innovations entered the competition in June, and survived all of the elimination rounds, securing a spot in the ‘Super Six’ of the Challenge on November 23, the only Canadian company remaining.

Being named a finalist earned Eigen an exclusive invitation to the IoT World Forum, held in Dubai from December 6-8.  The invitation came with the opportunity to pitch at the final round of the Challenge in front of an esteemed group of industry leaders for one of the top 3 prize winning spots.  The judges for the event were:

  • Mohammad Albataineh, Worldwide Sales, Internet of Things, IBM Dubai
  • Sujeet Chand, SVP and CTO, Rockwell Automation
  • Georg Kopetz, Executive Board Member, TTTech Comptertechnik AG
  • Maciej Kranz, VP, Corporate Strategic Innovation Group, Cisco
  • Abhi Kunte’, Director, Product Management, Predix/GE Digital
  • Whitney Rockley, Co-founder and Managing Partner, McRock Capital
  • Bola Rotibi, Creative Intellect Consulting
  • Faiyaz Shahpurwala, SVP Cloud Services/Industry Solutions, Cisco
  • Torsten Wolf, EMEA Service Head, IoT/UX/Mobile, SAP

‎Eigen’s pitch highlighted the unique technological innovation being created in their solution, but centered largely on how the technology connects to the user and operators in the manufacturing world. Eigen boasts a factory floor first philosophy in their approach to building solutions. ‎This approach brings tangibility to the innovation happening on the IoT, demonstrating how the ‘thought leadership’ being discussed at the IoT World Forum is having real-world impact within industrial applications.

The pitch resonated with the judges and audience at the event, and Eigen returns from the World Forum winning 3rd place win in the Innovation Grand Challenge. The Eigen team is thrilled to have earned this spot in the competition, and is honoured to have competed with the caliber of companies represented.

CTO Scott Everett addresses press scrum at the Eigen demonstration booth.

CTO Scott Everett addresses a post-pitch press scrum at the Eigen booth.

We thank Cisco for hosting this competition, congratulate our fellow competitors and winners, and thank our friends and families for the support. We continue to stay focused on bringing efficiency to industrial manufacturing automation, and thank our customers for helping us innovate great solutions for them.

The Eigen Team

What Can You Do With IIoT?

This week, Eigen’s Greg Picot, Director of Product Development, and Dell’s Jason Shepherd, Director of IoT Strategy and Partnerships, talk with Mary Allen at about the state of innovation on the Industrial Internet of Things.

Research driving the article cites that businesses with advanced IT sophistication and maturity are the cohorts adopting new technology in order to better manage risk within their organizations and process: “it is this segment that appears poised to IoT hype to IT reality” according to InsightaaS.


This growing maturity within certain market segments is where there’s a convergence happening on the Industrial Internet of Things bridging the traditional Operational Technology disciplines with Information Technology solutions. There’s a tipping point of maturing market segments and maturing technology creating a lot of competitive advantage for early adopters.

Read more about these findings and how companies like Eigen Innovations and Dell are partnering to bring innovative solutions to these emerging markets at

Eigen makes the final round of Cisco’s Global Innovation Challeng

We’ve got some exciting news. Today we can announce that Eigen Innovations has been named one of the top six finalists in the Cisco Grand Innovation Challenge, a prestigious competition that recognizes companies creating disruptive technologies that leverage the fast-growing “Internet of Things” (IoT):

In just over 2 weeks, the Eigen team will be in Dubai where we’ll pitch to a panel of judges at the World IoT Forum on December 7. We’re honoured to be the only remaining Canadian company in the competition, and we look forward to meeting our fellow “Super Six” finalists from around the world.

The Challenge began in June with more than 3000 entries from over 100 countries. Through a series of elimination rounds, Cisco reduced the list to a top 15 in early October, and with Eigen having been included among the “Super Six” finalists, we’re now focusing on preparations for the final evaluation.

As the founders of the Grand Innovation Challenge, we’d like to thank Cisco for helping to advance the amazing work that’s being done in the Internet of Things space, and of course, we’re excited to have been chosen to pitch before the judges in Dubai.

A big thank you to our clients and supporters, friends and families. With your support we’re doing some exciting things and we look forward to continuing on our path of innovation and creating leading-edge technology.

Watch this space to find out how it all goes down in Dubai.

How Data Science & Metallurgy meet on the IIoT


A major innovation happening in industrial environments is the application of new technology to old process in order to gain performance and quality improvements, while reducing cost of operations and improving safety. Eigen Innovations has been on the forefront of developing leading edge technologies for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by leveraging big data analytics and deep learning algorithms to achieve these benefits for companies looking to gain extra competitive advantage.

The process of lead smelting is something that has existed for centuries, ultimately tracing its roots back to ancient times. With each generation, new technology has given greater insight and refinement to what is still considered a “dark art” process. It is with this context that a unique opportunity presented itself to yet again evolve our understanding of this process using the latest combination of technologies provided by Eigen Innovations in partnership with Glencore Xtrata at their lead smelting manufacturing plant in Belledune, NB.


Problem Overview

A lead blast furnace is a highly dynamic and volatile environment, with temperatures ranging well in to 1000 degrees Celsius. Yet, this environment requires a high degree of control and optimization to maintain optimal blast furnace temperature, even distribution of raw material, and real-time corrective measures to produce the desired product output. Operators in this environment have to rely on the combination of expert knowledge accumulated over generations combined with observational data, which can be limited due to the harshness of this environment.

Sub-optimal performance in a blast furnace can contribute to:

  • uneven distribution of the ‘burden layer’ (the top layer of raw material being reduced)
  • hot-spots and flare-ups
  • channelling of gas through the burden layer
  • build-up of accretion on the furnace shaft

All of these results can reduce the campaign life of a smelting run and the overall quality of the end product.

FLIR thermal image from the inside of a blast furnace

FLIR thermal image from the inside of a blast furnace


Solution Overview

Eigen Innovation has developed a connected data analytics platform that is optimized for industrial applications.  The solution uses Eigen’s Intellexon™ software installed and configured on a small industrial gateway device.  The software is programmed to process large amounts of data in real-time in order to provide immediate feedback to operators and other machines in order to optimize a process flow.  Connecting one of FLIR’s fix mounted automation cameras to the platform captures up to 60 frames of high resolution digital thermal data per second enabling a rich real-time view of exactly what is happening within this industrial process.

This solution has enabled Glencore to gain new understandings of the movement of the burden layer within the blast furnace while it’s operating, enabling them to develop proactive strategies to managing the operation of the process in real-time and integrate process control using the Eigen connected platform.  Glencore is now not only able to see what is happening inside the blast furnace and also able to understand the data in real-time using Eigen’s connected data analytics platform.

This past week, Eigen Innovations was honoured to participate at COM 2015 ( held in Toronto, Ontario, and co-present the findings of this innovative breakthrough on-stage with Glencore Xstrata.


About Eigen Innovations

Bringing Vision to the IIoT: Eigen is certified to work with a range of FLIR thermal cameras that connect to our Intellexon™ platform for advanced analytics and deep learning algorithms for plant-wide optimizations. Contact Greg Picot (greg.picot@ or Justin McKillop (justin.mckillop@ for more information.

Contact Scott Everett, CTO (scott.everett@ for more information about the findings of Eigen’s development of lead smelting process optimization.

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Eigen Innovations Updates Intelligent Gateway

At Eigen Innovations, we are focused on providing easy to use solutions, that are highly intelligent, and have the smallest footprint within industrial operations. We have been hard at work building new capabilities in to our vision analytics platform and we’re excited to make these new features available in our latest software update.

Our main focus in this release is to put more power in to the hands of operators by introducing more capability in to the Eigen Smart Module (ESM) Gateway. The ESM Gateway runs in plant operations by gathering input from thermal camera stream data and PLC triggers enabling the automation of alarms and actions by training the ESM Gateway to respond to the data it processes in real-time. The Gateway also connects to the Intellexon™ platform for advanced analytics and deep learning algorithms for plant-wide optimizations.

This latest release enhances the Gateway with the following new capabilities:


Dual Thermal Camera support on a single ESM Gateway

The Eigen software has been updated to process two thermal streams on a single ESM Gateway which doubles the thermal data gathering and processing possible with the solution.

  • More cost effective solution to focus capital and operations on data processing and automation instead of hardware deployment
  • Reduces the footprint requirement within industrial operations, reducing the initial setup and operational maintenance and support
  • Allows monitoring of a larger field of view or completely independent fields of view and correlate data processing and automation from single ESM GatewayArchitecture


Optical Camera support on the ESM Gateway

Eigen focuses on building highly intelligent solutions for plant optimization and automation. However, we know that the smartest resource on the plant floor is the Operator and providing solutions that always keep them in control of the operation is something we hold as a core value. By including support for “optical” viewing while processing thermal data, it gives the ability to “see” what Eigen is processing enabling greater control.

  • Combine with a thermal solution for dual optical viewing and IR processing
  • Hard to “see” areas now easily accessible with existing thermal installations
  • Visually confirm inspection and alarm events as they occur


Usability Improvements

We are continually listening to our customers looking for ways to improve the experience of using the Eigen solution. This release includes a number of improvements and optimizations to the Eigen software, including:

  • Global default setting for temperature readings depending on regional preferences
  • Support for readings in Fahrenheit, along with Celsius and Kelvin
  • Auto scaling of the thermal range in the viewer: for dynamic fields of view, let the Eigen software adjust the thermal scale in order to provide clearer monitoring
  • Improved user notifications for storage usage alerts
  • Optimizations to compression for video uploads


About Eigen Innovations

Eigen is certified to work with a range of FLIR thermal cameras that connect to our Intellexon™ platform for advanced analytics and deep learning algorithms for plant-wide optimizations. Contact Greg Picot ( or Justin McKillop ( for more information about Eigen Innovations and to learn more about our latest release.