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Speciality Paper

One of the world’s leading specialty paper manufacturers was experiencing unnecessary downtime and equipment costs due to coating build up that caused cold streaks in their speciality, high-gloss paper product.

Basic Vision Solution

  • Basic vision systems (e.g. optical cameras) were unable to detect subtle changes in sheet characteristics and moisture content.
  • Coating build-up events occurred in under 10 seconds making it impossible for operators to react.
  • 3 machines in one factory experienced over 30 events, resulting in calendar damage and unnecessary downtime.

Eigen Thermal Solution

  • Rapid deployment in factory – FLIR thermal cameras installed along the web & Eigen Edge device collecting image data.
  • Eigen designed real-time streak detection algorithm based on image data and client input.
  • Eigen Edge system connected directly to each machine’s respective PLCs to enable self-activated pressure reductions on the calendars – automatically protecting them from coating build up and opening calendars upon streak detection.

  • Improved streak detection is delivering annual savings of approximately $1M.