Eigen Innovations Updates Intelligent Gateway

By May 5, 2015 June 20th, 2019 No Comments

At Eigen Innovations, we are focused on providing easy to use solutions, that are highly intelligent, and have the smallest footprint within industrial operations. We have been hard at work building new capabilities in to our vision analytics platform and we’re excited to make these new features available in our latest software update.

Our main focus in this release is to put more power in to the hands of operators by introducing more capability in to the Eigen Smart Module (ESM) Gateway. The ESM Gateway runs in plant operations by gathering input from thermal camera stream data and PLC triggers enabling the automation of alarms and actions by training the ESM Gateway to respond to the data it processes in real-time. The Gateway also connects to the Intellexon™ platform for advanced analytics and deep learning algorithms for plant-wide optimizations.

This latest release enhances the Gateway with the following new capabilities:


Dual Thermal Camera support on a single ESM Gateway

The Eigen software has been updated to process two thermal streams on a single ESM Gateway which doubles the thermal data gathering and processing possible with the solution.

  • More cost effective solution to focus capital and operations on data processing and automation instead of hardware deployment
  • Reduces the footprint requirement within industrial operations, reducing the initial setup and operational maintenance and support
  • Allows monitoring of a larger field of view or completely independent fields of view and correlate data processing and automation from single ESM GatewayArchitecture


Optical Camera support on the ESM Gateway

Eigen focuses on building highly intelligent solutions for plant optimization and automation. However, we know that the smartest resource on the plant floor is the Operator and providing solutions that always keep them in control of the operation is something we hold as a core value. By including support for “optical” viewing while processing thermal data, it gives the ability to “see” what Eigen is processing enabling greater control.

  • Combine with a thermal solution for dual optical viewing and IR processing
  • Hard to “see” areas now easily accessible with existing thermal installations
  • Visually confirm inspection and alarm events as they occur


Usability Improvements

We are continually listening to our customers looking for ways to improve the experience of using the Eigen solution. This release includes a number of improvements and optimizations to the Eigen software, including:

  • Global default setting for temperature readings depending on regional preferences
  • Support for readings in Fahrenheit, along with Celsius and Kelvin
  • Auto scaling of the thermal range in the viewer: for dynamic fields of view, let the Eigen software adjust the thermal scale in order to provide clearer monitoring
  • Improved user notifications for storage usage alerts
  • Optimizations to compression for video uploads


About Eigen Innovations

Eigen is certified to work with a range of FLIR thermal cameras that connect to our Intellexon™ platform for advanced analytics and deep learning algorithms for plant-wide optimizations. Contact Greg Picot (greg.picot@eigeninnovations.com) or Justin McKillop (justin.mckillop@eigeninnovations.com) for more information about Eigen Innovations and to learn more about our latest release.